* 2017 - 

Renowned international harpist Hélène Breschand and Kerwin Rolland are developping a musical langage based on a sensible artistic research and neuroscience. Their compositions are made of sound signals, brainwaves, musical forms, that are activating specific brain regions or group of brain regions,and at the same time induce peculiar states of consciousness (such as enhanced focus, day dreaming, recall, deep relaxation, or euphoria).

Their performances are named after brain regions such as Temporal. Far more than concerts they are designed as "collective sessions"  where the audience is invited to give free rein to its imagination, thoughts, mind pictures, or even relief.

The public is thus driven into creating its own mind travel.

The duo not only aims at the brain but also takes into account the surrounding vibrations of the architecture, adapting their music to each venue and performing in atypical spaces and contexts.


Binaural recording of Temporal performed at Radio France's studio 106.