* 2017

Workshop with Carlotta Daro and her students from the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Paris Malaquais at the Gaité Lyrique and Roissy - Charles de Gaulle about airports architecture. Their design being taken as an example for controlled environnement (visual, sonic, air & fluids, security, and human flow control). 

« Flow box » raises thoughts on the way airports' visual, sonic, thermal, and architectural environnement interacts with the human body, flow, and perception. The result of the workshop is an installation that reflects the way people evolve in the Roissy airport hub. It proposes a single person experience in which the visitor is put into a situation of transit at first and then a time waiting. While waiting the non moving traveler turns into a piece of audience attending the show of the others transiting around him. Paradoxically the (supposedly) acting traveler is embedded in the slow flow of a massive collective move from A to B. The installation is thus showing paradoxical situations regarding flows and ambiances that the students observed, measured, recorded, and analyzed.


This project is a collaborative work between La Gaité Lyrique and the students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Malaquais, under Carlotta Daro (teacher) and Kerwin Rolland (artist and engineer) supervision.

The participating students are : Diane Adib, lucas Alezra, Hugues Azambre, Félix Beytout, Tamar Briones, Geoffroy Butruille, Marta Caballero Godes, Judit Calveras Casanovas, Pierre de Pins, Nisan Dinc, Joaquim Escuer, Ariane Ippolito, Clara Klausen, Silvia Michelon, Marius Morand, Corentin Morel, Vasiliki Panagiotaropoulou, Rémy Sausset, Valeria Vitale.


Mix of the sound pieces created by Félix Beytout, Tamar Briones, Marta Caballero Godes, Judit Calveras Casanovas, Joaquim Escuer, Corentin Morel, Rémy Sausset.

Video by Geoffroy Butruille,  Pierre de Pins, and  Marius Morand, with pictures by the whole crew.

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