* 2016


Created by Caecilia Tripp for her personal exhibition at CREDAC (Paris) the performance piece Scoring the Black Hole is “a celebration of our invisible bonds through a choreography whose score is drawn on a black canvas, as a cosmic musical composition of our irreversible echoes unbound”.

The performance is the result of a collaborative work between Hélène Breschand (improvised harp), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (impovised analog synths and vocals), Michèle Lamy (performer), Jackie Cross and Laurence Sabas-Richard (skaters), Rick Owens (designer), and Kerwin Rolland (improvised synths, live microphones transformation, and sound architecture) overseen by Caecilia Tripp.

After the performance, it's traces / documentation remains in the venue as an installation.

Production: Lafayette Anticipation and CREDAC.

Videos of the Paris performance on Lafayette Anticipation's website at https://lafayetteanticipation.squarespace.com/caecilia-tripp