* 2014

Conceptual, artistic, and scientific speculation. 

In the framework of a project initiated by Olaf Nicolaï regarding the artistic and philosophical speculation about the existence of two unidentified concrete rocks at the entry of the Tourette's convent (by Lecorbusier and Xenakis): acoustic scanning of the stone in order to transform them into performable sound objects. 

Collaboration with Bryan Campbell (danser),  Truike van der Poel (singer), Leonardo Ortega  (Singer), Silvia Lenzi (Cello), Arthur dreyfus (writer), Till Gathmann and Hemut Völter (visual artists).

The sound of Lafayette's anticipation performance (see below) is literally what one could hear if one would be one of the actual stones. A representation of how this stone "hears" its direct environment.

Production: Lafayette Anticipation.

Recording of the Lafayette Anticipation's performance